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Little Town Near Cambodia

rain 25 °C

After being in some seriously touristy areas of Thailand, we decided to relax in a little spot called Trat which is where the original yellow oil is made. I had spent a few days there before as it's close to the Cambodian border and we needed to do a visa run. It was mostly a very thai town but there was enough of the farang amenities that it was comfortable. There was a really cool book store with hammocks in it so you could chill and read, a good pizza joint, a fabulous restaurant in a garden by the river and some decent guest houses. We stayed right on the river in a huge room for 200 baht, there was a tv and hot shower. They had one of the thai all you can eat bbq restaurants, you have your own personal bbq on your table and it's buffet style. Just choose what you want and grill it yourself, there is a reservoir at the bottom which soaks up all the delicious juice and you put noodles in it and make a scrumptious soup. The price for this was 90 baht. There were raging thunder storms and nights where the sky was lit up with brilliant stars. A lack luster town in general but it was mainly the experiences that made it such a special place.

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Song Kran in Chiang Mai

Celebrating the Thai New Year and my birthday

sunny 35 °C

Song Kran is the Thai New Year and the funnest part about it is the country wide water fight. No matter where you are, expect to get wet at least one day. If you're in Chiang Mai, it lasts about 5 in which case you get a bit tired of having ice water thrown at you from a pick up truck. On my birthday I wanted to look all pretty for my dinner so I stupidly wore a white outfit and of course, I had water thrown at me 5 times in the 10 minute walk. So guess what? I was soaked wet and the outfit went totally see through. The farangs were really rough with their high powered water guns and they go straight for your face. Thai people would often ask if they could pour flower water and then bless you as they did it. The water is to cool you down in the April heat so it all makes sense and there are lovely Buddha parades as well as a family day. The thai people will also smear this smelly powder on you and I'm not 100% why but it seems like a term of endearment.

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The Sick Dog and the Infinite White Beaches

Krabi Province

sunny 32 °C

All of us in beautiful Princess Cave Beach

All of us in beautiful Princess Cave Beach

Railay Beach

Railay Beach

Phra Nang Beach

Phra Nang Beach

The gateway to some of the most beautiful spots in Thailand is Krabi town, a 16 hour bus from Bangkok. OK, maybe it's less time for some but our VIP bus was actually a ghetto bus with dripping AC units and exposed light fixtures. From Krabi, it is a 20 minute ride in the turquoise waters to Railay, which consists of a bunch of perfect beaches. They are the most stunning beaches in Thailand as far as I know, the sand is white and fine. Tham Phra Nang Beach and the Princess Caves is for the seriously wealthy to stay but for the day, it's a must do. The snorkeling there is phenominal. Lying on my back in the water, I am amazed at the limestone cliffs surrounding us. Even the walk from East Railay to West was amazing as the monkeys swung from low lying branches of the Banyan trees while birds chimed in the background. There are amazing places to stay here but most are really pricy, like $200 a night. We found simple huts in the mountains for about $10 a night. Was quite the walk after a night of drinking in the bar where they have firedancers, kickboxers and snake charmers. There were pineapple bushes and coconut trees everywhere, strange flying animals and weird sounding bugs in the night. Railay is so rich with nature and the stunning sunset melted me every night. There was a lady that would play a really long horn as the sun went behind the cliffs every evening. Mitch, my sister's now husband learnt the hard way that there were a hell of a lot of mosquitos here. He passed out without repellent on the deck one evening and he was one giant mosquito the next day. Ice cream, fine cheeses and nutella crepes were all on the menu here. It's hard to get real cheese here at all so gouda was a dream come true. One of my highlights here was drinking out of a coconut with the sun setting behind me while in Tonsai. This is where you can climb the limestone cliffs which rest right near the perfect white sandy beaches. We walked through the lush jungle to get there which was a bit gruelling.

Meanwhile, the sick dog. Me and my fella were back in Krabi town eating breakfast when we saw this dog, nothing but skin and bones and seriously infectious, she collapsed ironically in front of the sign that said 'Animal Hospital 500m'. Me, Jay and this other couple really wanted to help this dog but it was a thai holiday so the hospital wasn't open. We had to take a song thaew to a private vet clinic but it was difficult to find a driver that would take us as muslims don't like dogs. They wouldn't euthanize the dog as it goes against the buddhist religion so the four of us split the cost of the dog's treatment for the next few days. When we went back the next day, the dog had apparently passed away and the other couple had received the money back. Well, it wouldn't be Thailand if you didn't get scammed out of a little bit of money. My fella noticed that while we were in the song thaew this near dead dog was wagging her tail as she felt the wind against her face. We knew that she had known happiness for that brief moment in time.

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Love Street, Buddhas and limited Alcohol

sunny 30 °C

Chillin with Fella and Sis in Penang

Chillin with Fella and Sis in Penang

We stayed in Penang near Love Street. Love Street is where the prostitutes hang out, not pretty girly boys like in Thailand but Indian men with five o'clock shadow, big calves and hairy legs. Not a good look. It's sort of shady where we're staying, my sister wanted to stay at a place cheaper than me and my fiance and she ended up nearly staying at a brothel. There wasn't much drinking to be done as it's muslim so we just checked out buddhas, markets and malls. Indonesian ice cream was the strangest thing I've ever eaten, balls of gluten, creamed corn, cold creamed black beans and other things that simply don't suit a bowl of ice cream. All in all, wasn't my favorite place in S.E. Asia but it's still warmer than a Canadian winter. The afternoon at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, the only 5 star resort in Malaysia was beautiful. Strawberry Daquiri under white umbrellas overlooking the nicest view of the ocean in town and the service was amazing.

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Tubing down the river...brilliant!

sunny 30 °C

After a 2 day agonizing slow boat down the Mekhong River, we arrived in Luang Prabang. The main reason for this trip to beautiful Laos, above Northern Thailand is to do the tubing down the river. I got so much more out of the trip to Laos than I thought possible, it was so peaceful and the people were so kind and unassuming. Once we made it to Vang Vieng, we got our tubes for $5.00 and hopped in the back of a truck that lead us to the rivers edge. Within two minutes of being in the water, there were bamboo sticks on ropes being thrown out to us so we could hang on and catch a ride to the river side bars. We drank a bucket of gin and tonic at the first bar to get us started. We continued down the river and passed a few bars until our thirst caught up with us. We ended up staying at the next bar for a few hours, listening to heavy techno beats in the natural beauty. I got drunk and courageous enough to do the swing jump, I had to climb a tree and then hold onto something that resembled a zip trek. It was about a 20 foot drop into the cold river but in the heat, it was just what I needed. Fellow tubers cheered me on from below. After eating some food we continued down the river just stopping for a drink whenever necessary. There were points where the slow river came to nearly a stop and when you're a bit tipsy you just end up spinning around in circles and laughing at yourself. With the grand limestone cliffs in the background and the thick forest of tropical trees alongside of the best party I've ever been to this was one of those days I simply will never forget. The trip was fully worth it just for this experience.

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